This guide is compulsory reading material for all those who will be venturing out to Shady Cottage to celebrate with us. Print it off, distribute it amongst friends, but most of all please read it carefully or else you may be unprepared for what’s in store – you have been warned! Awareness and understanding of the guide is essential and forms part of the terms and conditions of sale of your ticket to Shady Cottage.

The Non-Negotiables: 

·       NO FIRE

·       NO GLASS




·       STRICTLY 18+ EVENT


Here is everything you need to know about Shady Cottage 2017! If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us here: http://www.shadycottage.com.au/contact/


Toilets are available on site, both portaloos and cubicles. Please keep the toilets as clean as possible! If you see a messy toilet please let our friendly staff and volunteers know.

There will also be showers available this year, free of charge, with hot water! Please be mindful of other patrons and keep shower times to a minimum.


We will not be providing ATM facilities on the Shady Cottage fields, so remember, cash is king. There are ATM’s in Marysville, don’t forget to stock up!

Alcohol Limit

Shady Cottage is a BYO festival. Attendees are permitted to bring a modest amount of alcohol for consumption in the campgrounds.

Banned Items

The following items are prohibited. If you are found in the possession of any of these items, they will be confiscated immediately and the patron may be asked to leave the premises.

·       Fires of any kind

·       Commercial signage or advertising

·       Animals of any kind

·       Fireworks or flares 

·       Gas bottles or hot cooking equipment

·       Generators

·       Lasers

·       Illegal substances

·       Nitrous oxide

·       Personal sound systems

·       Weapons of any kind



Remember that when you are in the local township, the property and the surrounding streets, you are viewed as an ambassador for Shady Cottage and its future. If you want to continue to enjoy Shady Cottage events to come, please make an effort to uphold the reputation of our event as a friendly, sustainable, considerate, creative, and forward‐thinking gathering. Any anti‐social behaviour by any person at the festival will not be tolerated. Any one seen to be a threat or disturbance to themselves or to others will be removed from the property immediately or turned over to local authorities where appropriate.


Camping is included in the cost of your festival ticket, and is available from Friday 3:00pm until Sunday 3:00pm.

Unfortunately due to the Lake Mountain Alpine Resort being a national park, patrons will be unable to camp next to their cars. But fear not, the furthest you may have to walk is a mere 200 meters.

Once you have entered the festival grounds you will be directed to the patron car park. You will then be directed to a camp site where you can erect your temporary home. A few simple guidelines:

·       Please camp within the designated camping area. Campsites are not allocated so you may hold spots for your friends, but please be mindful of the space around you and other patrons.

·       Any cars parked outside the patron parking area will be towed!

·       Once you have parked your vehicle – do not leave your engine idle/running even if you just want to play your stereo.  Leave the tunes to us.

·       Say Howdy Doodly to your Neighborino!

·       Do not be afraid to report camps who are trashing the environment, being disrespectful, generally anti-social or noisey to our Info Tent.


Respect the local community at all times! We are the privileged guests of all local residents and property owners, and must respect that privilege by showing our appreciation. Support local businesses! There are service stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, pubs and restaurants all within a few kilometres of Shady Cottage. Please also ensure that when you’re in the local area you do not speed, litter or cause any kind of disturbance whatsoever. 


This years festival is being held at the beautiful Lake Mountain Alpine Resort just outside of Marysville, bang on 2 hours from the Melbourne CBD.


Address: 1071 Lake Mountain Road, Marysville, Victoria


Directions: Lake Mountain is 120km from Melbourne. (Approx 2 hrs)

1.     Take the Maroondah Highway to Healesville.

2.     Follow the Maroondah Highway through the Black Spur. (Be careful and patient on this road as there are many sharp turns and wildlife about.)

3.     Take the turn at Narbethong to Marysville.

4.     From Marysville follow Woods Point Road for 11km to Lake Mountain Road.

5.     A further 11km and you arrive at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, the temporary home of Shady Cottage.

You can also enter ‘Lake Mountain Alpine Resort’ into Google Maps, and it will take you the easiest route to get there.


The festival gates open at 3:00pm on Friday March 31st. No entries will be permitted before this time. 

The gates are CLOSED each night between 10pm and 10am – no pass outs or new entries are permitted during this time except in emergency or exceptional circumstances. 

Entry to the festival will be granted on provision of a valid physical or e-ticket only. Management retains the right at all times to refuse entry. All ticketholders must also present official ID (driver’s license, Key Pass, Proof of Age, passport etc.), as the event is strictly 18+!

On arrival all vehicles will be searched for glass, banned items, and stowaways. All glass is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated by gate staff without exception. Don’t smuggle friends, the entire car will be turned away if discovered.


Shady Cottage is a “LEAVE NO RUBBISH” event. If anything, we ask you to only LEAVE THIS PLACE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU LEFT IT.

We’ll provide the trash bags, you just need to dispose of them accordingly at the designated trash collection areas (ask the info tent where to find them). This isn’t the kind of festival where you trash the place and rely on festival staff to pick it up for you. Shady Cottage tries to create awareness and encourage people to take care of the communities that they live in and the planet they live on.

Everything you ever throw away in your life has to go somewhere, and why would you want that place to be the luscious paradise that is our festival site?! Large skips will be available on site for your trash bags, however we recommend that you make every effort to create as little rubbish as possible – crush down your cans, take items out of their wrappers before bringing to the festival, and most importantly PICK UP ALL OF YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS.

DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT CLEANING YOUR CAMPSITE. Be the beautiful mature humans that you are and do everything within your power to clean up after yourself and others before you leave the event. We know your tired and in desperate need of a shower and a good old fashioned post party nose blowing extravaganza – but that’s no excuse!

First Aid

First Aid offices will be available on site. However, if you take medication please bring it with you! We cannot guarantee that our medical team will be able to provide the medication you need, and we do not want you to experience discomfort on what is meant to be a weekend of leisure!

Food & Drink

Shady Cottage boasts some seriously delicious food trucks, but if you’re short on coin feel free to bring your own snacks, meals, water, soft drink, etc. Just remember, no open flame camping stoves allowed!

Market Stalls

This year Shady Cottage has invited some incredible market stalls to sell their merchandise. Have a browse and bring extra cash to buy yourself something nice. More info available on the Shady Cottage Facebook page.

Pass Outs

Once your wristband is on your wrist, consider it your ticket to the festival. This, along with a driver’s license or other ID check, will allow you to leave the festival site and return at a later time. Please be careful driving up and down the mountain as we view drink driving as a complete NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Phone Reception & Electricity

We wouldn’t bank on it. Don’t be a Derek and spend the entire weekend on your phone, no one cares that much. Experience the vibes around you. Take a mental picture, create memories.


We fully support the efforts of the Victorian Police in ensuring the safety of Shady Cottage patrons and the broader community in relation to travel to and form the event. It is important that in the event that you decide to do something stupid, you should know your rights. Click here for important information regarding police searches and your rights.


Be conscious of your safety and the safety of your friends, and others around you. Think about how your actions could affect your festival experience, the experience of your friends and those organizing the event. If you see someone who may be in danger, either to others or themselves, please notify the medical, security or event staff immediately. Do not do anything that could ever put yourself or anyone else in danger, and look after your mates! 

Also be sure to follow the below golden rules:

STRICT SPEED LIMIT OF 10KM/H ON SITE.  A speed limit of 10km/h will be enforced on site at all times. Persons found to violate this rule may be fined $100 on the spot or asked to leave the event. Hazard lights must be on when driving in at night.

ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES ALLOWED ON SITE WHATSOEVER. That means: no candles, fire toys, camp fires, tiki lanterns, gas lanterns, camp stoves, or other naked flames whatsoever. April is the back end of an Australian summer. This means lots of dry, flammable bushland. Although it might not be hot, there is still a high‐risk for fires. Any person found to be in breach of the total fire ban will be issued a citation and may be ejected from the festival site.

ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS ALLOWED ON SITE WHATSOEVER. Glass is the number one cause of grassfires in Australia. Broken glass isn’t fun for anyone and glass is a lot harder to dispose of than plastics and cans. All cars will be searched thoroughly for glass items upon entry to the festival, and any found items will be confiscated permanently.

Set Times

Set times can be found on the Shady Cottage Facebook page and event.


Tickets are available to purchase online at https://www.outix.net/tickets/event/shadycottage

Please note that due to a limited capacity at the venue, tickets may not be available on the gate. Purchase yours online or via a friendly distributor near you to secure your entry to the festival at presale prices. If you purchased tickets online please take careful note of all the terms, conditions and instructions provided to you. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets cannot be replaced so please take care of yours!

All ticket sales are final, and non-refundable. Please refer to the terms and conditions of sale and Tickets FAQ at www.shadycottage.com.au


Last minute volunteer positions are available. Email volunteers@shadycottage.com.au for more info.


The weather forecast for Shady Cottage is sunny but extremely cold. Pack accordingly! Thermals and ski gear are highly encouraged.

The event will go on rail, hail or shine – be prepared for all three. Tarps, sun block, blankets, gum boots, loin cloths, warm clothing, fluffy hats and umbrellas are welcome. There is no such thing as over prepared.

What To Bring

-        Tent. There will be no parking next to campsites, which will make it difficult and unpleasant to sleep in your car!

-        Warm clothes. The forecast for Shady Cottage is looking cold, with lows getting down to 4 degrees and tops of 13 degrees. It is of the utmost importance that you bring thermals and/or ski gear. Warm wool socks, gloves, beanies and other warm items are highly encouraged too.

-        Wet weather clothing. Although the forecast is showing no rain, plan for everything! The event will go on rain hail or shine.

-        Sleeping arrangements. Make sure you bring a sleeping mat/inflatable mattress and a warm sleeping bag (or blankets and doonas).

-        Water. We provide free drinking water but you can never have enough water!

-        Food. Food will be available for purchase on site (with vegetarian options available) but feel free to bring other food with you.

-        Sunscreen

-        Insect repellent

-        Full tank of petrol

-        A positive attitude and good vibes!